Lactation Support Pudding

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Kade calls it “boob food,” but Courtney says that is much too crude to be the title on the store. So “Lactation Support Pudding” it is, but you can call it “boob food” if you want to–either way, it helps milk supply immensely.


This traditional Palestinian recipe is a closely guarded secret, and while very simple it is very effective in increasing milk supply. Most find that one serving a day is more than enough to alleviate any supply issues, but you can do more servings a day if necessary. However, please try one serving a day for three days before increasing dosage, or you may find yourself painfully engorged and the baby unable to keep up. Each package contains ~16 servings, or about a 2 week supply. If milk supply is too great on one serving a day, try one serving every other day.

To make a single serving:
Mix 2 Tablespoons of powder into 1/4 cup boiling water. Simmer for 5 minutes or until smooth.

Can be eaten hot or chilled. You can also cook up several batches at once and keep it in the fridge for eating cold. Garnish with nuts and coconut if you are feeling fancy.

-Proprietary blend of Anise, Cane Sugar, Caraway, and Cinnamon (Listed alphabetically)

Made in a home kitchen in WI, not subject to inspection

1 review for Lactation Support Pudding

  1. 5 out of 5


    My wife has tried milk boosting products before but had never seen results like this. We have a surplus of 30 oz of breast milk that we didn’t have before my wife tried this mix. She prefers to mix it into oatmeal. TL;DR It works.

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