New in the Store: Saddle Soap and Boot Butter

Some of you received samples of our boot butter in the past, but now it is finally available in the store! Also available is a homemade saddle soap, which is used to clean boots, shoes, gloves, or other leather items prior to applying boot butter.

These are the exact items we use to keep our many leather shoes and boots healthy and supple. We have boots that are on their 4th child and still look great. Just clean with saddle soap and apply boot butter anytime your leather is starting to look sad or dry.

To use, take a moderately wet rag and rub the saddle soap to build up a layer on the rag, then vigorously clean leather. Wipe off the residue with a clean, dry rag. Then use a clean dry rag to rub the boot butter vigorously into the leather until saturated.