Hand-Powered Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs


A small hand grinder. Great for putting kids to work! Drawer sized for small French presses, for larger batches grind multiple drawers full. Adjustable grind.

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Grind your coffee by hand! It doesn’t take much work, and saves you the noise of an electric grinder. Plus it works with the power out, and can even go camping with you. Great for involving children, mine have sometimes fought over who got to ground the coffee that day. Ceramic burrs actually grind the coffee, rather than cutting like blades in an electric grinder. This is supposed to result in better flavor. Fully adjustable. Drawer is small, perfect for a small French press. If you are makeing a larger batch, like in a 12-cup drip brewer, you will need to empty the drawer several times, and likely add beans to the hopper several times as well. Freshly-ground beans always make better coffee than pre-ground beans.


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